Corporate sustainability

Design, planning, choice of raw materials, production processes, valorisation of the territory, innovation, distribution, marketing, communication and education: in all these fields Piegavelox is working towards an ecological and sustainable transition.

On the occasion of National Earth Day (22 April) Piegavelox renews its constant commitment to taking care of the Planet, as our passion for excellence is accompanied by a deep commitment to the environment. We operate with environmental responsibility, adopting a sustainable approach in every phase of the embroidery process with the aim of reducing environmental impact and we have always had sustainability as one of our main objectives in business management from various points of view:

In manufacturing through the use of recycled material and organic yarns, we try to cushion the environmental impact in every detail. We adopt a constant reduction in the share of non-recyclable leather and TNT waste as well as the disposal of recyclable paper, plastic and nylon waste. We invest in innovative machinery that saves 40% of energy, to reduce overall energy consumption with these latest generation machinery.

Within the company we have also installed a charging station to charge the electric cars and vans we use for transport and a series of photovoltaic panels in the main headquarters to reduce energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions. On a human level, we propose a company campaign to reduce the use of plastic even in common areas such as the canteen and the meeting room, supported by the installation of various water dispensers.

Our goal is a responsible and sustainable corporate future, 100% green mobility and self-sufficient energy production for both our internal production sites and our headquarters, in order to drastically reduce CO2 emissions.

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