Specialists in embroidery and pleating for high fashion

We manufacture for our clients accurate embroideries, pleating and embossing on leather, eco-leather and fabrics marked by uniqueness and customization.

With over 60 years of experience in the high fashion industry we are able to satisfy the needs for perfection and sophistication that characterize this sector. Thanks to highly qualified staff and a cutting-edge creative department, we can meet the client’s requests for any type of work. From embroidery to quilting, pleats and relief printing as well as applications on leather and fabric with refined and exclusive effects. Throughout the years we have been able to combine the manual techniques of made in Italy tradition with increasingly advanced and innovative skills and manufacturing processes. A path that we continue to follow and is renewed every day to guarantee to our clients the highest degree of quality and elegance.

Special processes and exclusive creations

In addition to artistic pleating and embroidery works, we also propose specific techniques to meet any creative need. Among these, matelassé on monochrome background and quilted design or with embroidered background, with relief patterns on the grain line of the fabric. We also carry out through third parties the application of sequin, seams, slings and other details for sophisticated and prestigious decorations. Laser cutting and engraving systems for leather and fabrics are among the latest technologies that we employ for our clients.

Our experience with this technology allows us to carry out rapidly high precision work, with the advantage of a production process with low environmental impact. Our main goal is to translate the client’s projects into high quality works, including particularly elaborate engravings and decorations.

Creativity and customization at the service of your project

The creative department at Piegavelox is at your disposal to create high quality pieces, accurate to the smallest detail, from the initial project up to the finished model. The technical and creative expertise guaranteed by our team allows us to manufacture starting from your drawings as well as from our proposed unique solutions.

Possibilities to customize are practically endless and we will be pleased to discuss with you the effects and techniques that are the best to turn your ideas into reality.