Leather and fabric embossing for shoes and clothing

Nuova Piegavelox offers to fashion and shoes businesses the finest embossing craftmanship for leather and fabrics.

Our staff is at your disposal for the planning and realization of delicate relief motifs through embroidery and calendering shapes. The quality of manufacturing techniques and the creativity in proposing solutions that are always new and exclusive allow us to meet any request of the sector with efficiency and sophistication. With more than half a century experience serving the world of fashion, we are ready to embellish clothes, accessories and shoes with decorative effects living up to the current trends.

Embossing processes with warp and weft or hot stamping

The elegance of embossed fabrics and leather adds class and character to any type of accessory and shoe. The technical skills acquired in the art of embroidery and the potential of new machinery are combined to give shape to the most unique and elaborate graphics. From relief printing through cowling to embossing with elastic strings and close-wefts, we obtain permanent effects of great aesthetical impact.

In addition to the realization of the decorations requested by the client, our Research and Style department is ready to surprise you with customized proposals. The wide range of relief decorations that we can realize is increasing every day with new solutions, to guarantee quality and inspiration.

From drawing to finished product: internal management of all stages

As with every crafting technique, the embossing of leather and fabric is offered with a complete and accurate service. From the planning phase, to develop the desired drawing, to the last finishing touches, we personally take care of all operations. This allows us to maintain on all pieces the high qualitative standards that we think are essential. Both in serial production and realization of prototypes and third-party sample collections, we are at your service to offer you sophisticated and unique goods.

What we can do for you