Pleating on leather and fabrics for fashion and shoes

For over 60 years, we have been creating pleats and folding works on fabric and leather for fashion companies and brands.

Our mission is to satisfy the needs of the sector with style effects dedicated to elegance and exclusivity. For this reason, in addition to the latest technologies, we put at our clients’ disposal the development of new creative ideas and elevated professionalism of our staff. The Research and Style department at Nuova Piegavelox was born with the goal of supporting our clients during the planning phase. This is because, despite the increasingly fast pace and the evolution of machinery, we believe that at the basis of art lies the human element.

Pleating and foldings from drawings to the finished product

The embroidery and pleating experience that we acquired throughout the years allows us to manufacture any type of pleating or folding. From cardboard to placket-pleating, from barrel organ pleating to sun pleat, as well as unique patterns and motifs with modelled folds. Starting from the client’s drawings and cardboards or from our proposals, we turn into reality the most peculiar ideas.

Thanks to a capable and available staff and to our fast and versatile machinery we can obtain a wide range of decorative effects with extremely high degrees of customization. By taking care internally of each manufacturing stage we are able to guarantee the impeccable quality of all our pleating works.

Prototyping and sample collections for clothing and shoes

Our passion for creativity, together with scrupulous attention for details, make Nuova Piegavelox the ideal partners for the realisation of prototypes and sample collections. We are always ready to translate on leather and fabric our clients’ requests and to support them with innovative proposals for the embellishment of clothes and shoes. From the planning and manufacturing of the prototype up to the production of the sample collection, we meet any need with our ever-present timeliness and style.

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