Special third-party embroidery processes

Nuova Piegavelox assists fashion brands and businesses with embroideries and special processes on leather and fabric for the customization of clothing, accessories and shoes.

Thanks to the deep knowledge of embroidery techniques and to our decades-long experience in the sector, we guarantee to our clients minute and sophisticated works. The availability of highly technological machinery increasingly widened the range of possible creations, while reducing the production timescales. The outcome is a range of unique and prestigious decorations, the result of constant stylistic research. Discover on our website all our textile processes, from matelassé to special stitches, from the application of sequin to laser processing and the most innovative solutions.

Metallassé and special stitches: artistic embroidery

The special processes that we put at our clients’ disposal include the most peculiar stitches. Plots, taping, cordel, Cornely embroidery and chain stitches created with impeccable precision.

Added to these are quilting processes and matelassé works, double-chained or with double plot, to create precious geometrical patterns on leather and fabric. Alternatively, effects such as needle punched embroideries, using plots from different fabrics to obtain new and unique shades. Contact us to discover all the special works that we can do for you.

Application of sequin and specific features: the beauty of details

In addition to embroideries and pleating, we produce elegant sequin applications, to create iridescent decorations on clothing and shoes. Other gloss effects can be obtained with the application of shiny slings or through coiling with ribbons and tapes. Small studs and metal accessories, fitted on the yarn and applied to leather and fabrics, embellish every product with additional sophisticated details.

Versatile and innovative laser embroidery: no limits to creativity

The processing with laser embroidery on any type of fabric or leather is an essential service that we offer to our clients. Precision and versatility are among the main advantages of this technology that, combined with our creativity and professional expertise, makes it possible for us to create practically countless customizations.

Laser embroidery makes it possible to create particularly elaborate graphics and effects in a short time and with exceptional accuracy. The result are engravings, drawings and patterns of any shape and colour, for large-scale production as well as for prototypes and exclusive sample collections.