For 60 years, the point of reference for embroidery

New Piegavelox s.r.l. has been active for over 60 years producing high-quality embroideries and pleats for the national and international fashion industry.

The firm was founded in Empoli in 1960, from the minds of Venio Zucchi and his wife Grazia Cecchi. The commitment of their daughters Francesca and Paola and their son Antonio Zucchi allowed the firm to grow in a constantly evolving sector. Attention to market innovations and to the client’s needs make it possible for us to meet any type of processing need. Focusing on the customer’s needs, we create embroideries and pleats that are unique for the patters and materials used.

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Leave a message to request our works or come and discover them in our showroom in via Giuntini, 6, Empoli.

The value of experience and people

Our strength, in addition to latest generation machinery, lies in our expert and highly qualified staff that allows us to satisfy the client also for the most elaborate creations. The valorisation of people is at the centre of the Group’s growth strategy. In this context, the diversity of thought becomes a source of cultural enrichment and, as such, is promoted and awarded.

Qualified, motivated and included employees is in fact crucial for long-term success. For this reason we commit ourselves every day to make our firm a place to open to discussion and ideas. An advantage also for the development of skills and creativity.

Care for the environment: a sustainable path

Protection of the environment and of the natural heritage is one of the main values of the firm. A relationship of awareness with the surrounding environment is therefore one of the priorities of Piegavelox, as well as one of the most important challenges. To hold to this mission, we ensure that we always proceed with a responsible attitude and a constant commitment over time. Throughout the years we committed to reduce constantly non-recyclable leather and TNT waste materials.

Moreover, we adopted coherent systems to dispose of recyclable paper, plastic and nylon waste. Through the development of the firm’s layout, of the manufacturing processes and constant improvement of the production cycles, we significantly reduced energy consumption. Our new multi-head machinery for the working of leather save 20% more energy compared to traditional machinery. A milestone towards a more sustainable supply chain.