Experts in professional embroidery and applications on leather and fabric

Since 1960 we have been creating exclusive and unique embroideries for shoes and clothing, thought for the embellishment of leather and fabrics with high quality craftsmanship.

Guided by the experience of generations, we combine our skills and accurate craftsmanship with the creative and technological innovation of contemporary trends. This results in professional artistic embroideries that are tailor-made for each need. We combine sophisticated third-party embroidery with the precise application of sequin, seams and slings as well as other prestigious details. Discover the techniques on our website or visit us at our showroom at n. 6 Via Giuntini, Empoli (FI).

Third party embroidery service in Empoli from the drawing to the trims

Our passion for embroidery began way before the introduction of modern textile machinery and continues to preserve today the uniqueness and excellence that characterise hand made embroideries. The minuteness of trims, the precision of edges, the sensitivity in the choice of the yarn are an integral part of our experience. Just like the essential creativity of tailoring works, reinterpreting the past in light of contemporary fashion and paving the way for new creations.

From traditional embroidery to the most sophisticated decorations, such as chain stitches, terry stitch, smoke stitch and zig-zag, we create tailor made works for every request. Thanks to a highly qualified staff, in addition to the creation of proposed drawings, we assist our clients with exclusive solutions and a dedicated planning department. This allows us to monitor every stage of the product’s creation, with a complete, 360° service.

Applications on leather and fabric for countless customization effects

Among the crafting techniques that we offer to our clients is the application of sequins, coiling, seams, slings and mignons on clothes, leather goods and shoes. The continuous updating and passion for innovation, combined with the latest technologies, allow us to create decorations that always live up to new trends. The aim is obtaining potentially countless customization effects while maintaining the same high quality of the product.

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