Identity, innovation, education, internationalisation: it is the Italy of the 4 ‘I’s’ that lies behind the philosophy of this National Day born thanks to the Made in Italy framework law. The provision was introduced to enhance, promote and protect the production of national supply chains, recognizing their social impact. In addition to promoting the economic and cultural development of the country, Made in Italy represents its identity heritage because it is not just a brand, but our business card in the world. Made in Italy is not a production model, but a lifestyle” – Adolfo Urso, Minister of Business and Made in Italy

The first day of Made in Italy, for us at Piegavelox, is the opportunity to celebrate our history, our values and our identity. Our roots date back to 1961 between Limite sull’Arno and Empoli, in the splendid setting of the Tuscan hills. Being Italian for us means craftsmanship, quality, and a strong connection with the territory.

Made in Italy is also synonymous with innovation and tradition, therefore with Piegavelox we have constantly committed ourselves to combining craftsmanship and cutting-edge technologies to satisfy every customer need with our best products ranging from embroidery to pleating.

A brand, that of Made in Italy, which in addition to constituting an invaluable heritage to be preserved and valorised, is also a warning to look beyond the borders towards a foreign market. In this case, internationalization is configured as an essential element for economic and cultural progress and our company Piegavelox, with its authenticity and its excellence, is ready to compete globally by participating in sector fairs in Italy and abroad to carry the brand of Italian excellence high.

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